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Jig Star rods have evolved after its founder - Chris Wong, had spent many years jigging with some of the world’s most renown rods from Japan, Taiwan. SE Asia & USA.

Impeccable design has seen a perfect blend of the best Toray High Performance graphite from Japan and resins to produce a high class, advanced jig rod design.  Particular attention has been made to the eye-catching stealthy aesthetics and minimalistic build resulting in the light but powerful rods!  The increased length offers a longer butt length and longer reach than before yet still saves weight making Jig Star rods easy to fish all day, every day.  All Jig Star rods are complete with a distinctively embroided rod bag.


The Battle Royale is our 5'2" flagship model featuring Fuji PSS reel seat, Fuji MNSG guides and custom componentry to create a stealthy modern classic with eye-popping Chameleon paintwork and custom cosmetics.  The blank also features Nano technology which effectively improves blank strength and resilience.   As the name suggests - here is your weapon of choice when taking on reef thugs or deep water 'dozers.


The Battle Royale is very competitively priced and comparable to the very best rods on the international market.

  • L  PE2-5,  Jig range 100-300g.   Rod weight 260g

  • ML  PE3-6,  Jig range 150-400g.  Rod weight 310g

  • MH  PE4-8,  Jig range 200-500g.  Rod weight 350g

© 2013 by Stacey Wong 

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