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Double Ring & Grommet

The most common tackle failure is at the leader-to-solid ring knot which is usually the result of a big fish, the fish we dream of.  You never hear of small fish busting off, only the monsters!


Commonly used solid rings sometimes have sharp edges and are often small in cross section.  If the cross section is smaller than the cross section of the leader, it will cut the leader at the knot when under pressure.   The only solution is to protect the leader wrap with tubing, knot sleeve or a thimble.


In the case of Spinning Reels, the best solution is the Swivel Ring & Grommet designed by Chris Wong of Jig Star.  Spinning Reels are known for producing line twist which damages and weakens line so the use of a high quality ball bearing swivel helps alleviates unwanted line twist.  The small #5 ball bearing swivel is made from quality stainless steel, tests to 335lb and is recognised as the Worlds' strongest swivel for its size.


The leader is wrapped around the grommet which provides protection and a large diameter wrap.  The smaller ring is for the assist hook cord and provides separation from damaging the leader.  This termination allows greater freedom of movement resulting in a much livelier jig action.    No longer will the use of stiff fluorocarbon or heavy leaders dampen jig action.  


After the early years of suffering major bust offs, the Ring & Grommet has proven the difference in reliability.   We are now seeing more monster fish caught jigging when using this terminal product. 

© 2013 by Stacey Wong 

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