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SLOW PITCH jigging is one of the newest and fastest growing lure fishing methods to hit these shores.  

Special jigs that flutter and slide when used with ultra light jigging rods and ultra light braid indicate the finnese methods used in this new jigging artform.

Our earlier mkI rod, SJR603-2 was a faithful Japanese design for max 120g jigs.   We have found that in fish-rich waters of NZ, anglers needed something heavier to cope with heavier fish.  As a result we have designed the mkII rod for more butt power and produced 3 increasingly heavier models.  The increased butt power meant a departure from the original character of the Slow Pitch design but that has not effected the fishability of the Slow Jerk 603.   Although the SJR603 rod is designed for Slow Pitch jigging, it has also found favour in other forms of Slow Jig fishing and even bottom fishing.

The Slow Jerk 603 rod is a 1pc 6'3" rod with Fuji TCS reelseat and stainless K guides.  

  • 603-2  PE.8-1.5

  • 603-3  PE1-2

  • 603-4  PE1.5-3


above:  Brad Burden hooked into a 12kg Kingfish using Slow Jerk 603-4

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