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Ninja Jig Hooks, discontinued

Ninja II Jig Hooks

Double Ring & Grommet


Jig Star Jig Hooks are chosen for their high strength, extended point, longevity and great value.

Available sizes are 9/0, 11/0 & 13/0.


The new Ninja II jig Hook design has evolved to a shorter, curved point with smaller barb for easier penetration.

A change from a black finish to a proven tinned saltwater coating makes the hook an attractive part of the lure especially when enhanced with an octopus skirt or tied as a fly.

Available sizes are 9/0, 11/0 & 13/0.



A monster Kingfish hooked using the Ninja Assist hook at the 3 Kings in April 2015.



Jig Star Ninja Assist Hooks


Jig Star Ninja Assist Hooks are hand tied in our own premises to MONSTER specification.  

The assist cord loop is kept short but easily looped onto a Ring & Grommet or solid ring.  The YGK assist cord is 220lb and available on hook sizes of 9/0, 11/0 & 13/0.    We have fished on many expeditions where a variety of cord lenghts were used and the consensus was that shorter cords had an advantage.  This was backed up by Japanese and Taiwan experts, the very anglers who pioneered this wonderful jigging style.

© 2013 by Stacey Wong 

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